Put some effort and get rewarded: Florentine roofs

When in a very touristic city an important object, for which you usually pay, makes a day with a free entrance – be prepared to wait in a long line. But if you have time – so why not? First of all your effort can be greatly rewarded by the impressions you will get, and secondly – why not to save money in the cities where there are so many other possibilities to spend them?
Usually I am not very patient for waiting in lines but on a day before yesterday I decided to take this challenge: as it was the celebration dedicated for founding the Opera del Duomo in Florence and the entrance there was free. I am not sure if for everybody the name could say anything, but I am sure that from pictures you should recognize what kind of site I am speaking about. This is an absolutely lovely complex of buildings – basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, St. John’s Baptistry and Giotto’s tower.
I can admire this view from outside a lot, but as I am not that much for going inside the churches, during all last year spent in Florence I didn’t make a visit there. But due to previously mentioned free entrance I could not miss the chance to go up to Giottos’s Campanile and have a look at Florence from above. The challenge started with exactly 45 minutes of waiting in a line and continued – with 414 steps to climb. It is really not the easiest thing to do, but definitely worth. Do I need more words? I think that views speak by themselves.

Only one thing I want to share which surprised me. While I was admiring those idyllic views of Florentine roofs, I noticed that Arno river is not visible from Giotto’s tower. All the buildings and the beauty of the city itself simply covers this flow of water, crossed by the famous old bridge Ponte Vecchio and beloved by lovers, walking along after the dark.


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