Denmark: Impressions, which stay or Touched by the museum (video)

Sometimes with some experiences you are touched more than usually. And this time I was touched by the museum. More than usually. And it happened during my recent staying in Denmark.
But before revealing the main point of this text, I want to make some kind of prologue. So, museums and exhibitions: quite many of them I’ve visited during travels but not all of them left strong footsteps in my memory. I was emotionally paralysed in a good way with an exhibition in Lyon (France), dedicated to Keith Haring. I was close to feeling the Stendhal syndrome while visiting Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (Italy). But at the same time I finally got a bit bored in such world’s cultural grands like Louvre (Paris) and Uffizi gallery (Florence). And I am really not sure if original statue of Michelangelo’s David affected me much. Everything depends on personal interests and so many other aspects. For example, I am not denying the factor of mood for visiting a museum, tiredness, emotional situation and everything else, what can affect all those impressions and how person is available to observe surroundings. And in the end concentrate all into the final experience.

So, the last time I was really so impressed by ARoS Kunstmuseum – Art museum in Aarhus, second biggest city in Denmark. I must confess, that I really did not expected such effect, but exhibitions and all visual, musical, sensational installations were really great. As well it is nice to look at Aarhus from the rainbow panoramic terrace on top of the museum’s building: with every step each corner of the city shows up in a different kind of light. After summing all experiences up, it really doesn’t surprise me when in some online sources ARoS is called as the five stars’ museum. Its space is not the smallest one, but while everything is really interesting there, even longer time can pass totally without noticing.

Here I’ll stop and refrain from deeper descriptions. As I am not an art specialist, I will just finish with a very strong suggestion definitely to visit this place if once in Aarhus and a video, dedicated to ARoS Art museum’s Rainbow panorama.


3 thoughts on “Denmark: Impressions, which stay or Touched by the museum (video)

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