Romanian stray dogs: how much to fear of?

When you are planning your trip, of course Internet becomes your very best friend. It wasn’t different before my Romania as well. But I was surprised how many posts I found about stray dogs, so many of which are living in Romanian streets. I even spoke with some people about that – and they were telling the same – yes, there are lots of them and on every corner. Usually I am looking very carefully in other people’s experiences posted on Internet but when this dose of information was that big – I almost started creating various scenarios, how should I behave if they would circle me around somewhere in the street.

But when I experienced all that by myself in reality, I could tell how I saw everything with my own eyes. Yes, Romania is the only European country where is such a huge concentration of the stray dogs. And I read somewhere that even this is the second country in the world after India with the highest number of dogs freely hanging everywhere in public places. Usually with sizes Romanian ones are closer to Alsatian than Chi hua hua. You can see them everywhere – in parks, small or extremely busy streets of big cities, as well – in the rural areas. They can be hanging alone or in groups. And yes, there is written about some accidents, when foreigners were bitten to death. But how frequent are they? For me seemed that stray dogs are living their own life. Actually I saw those animals mainly walking without paying any attention to people or sleeping somewhere in the parks. Ok, once – I was surrounded by them in the street. The lunch was shared and everybody became happy. Another time I had a black companion in café. But after a small chat it gone for a better hunt. I never saw an angry stray dog. And only once I heard those misters of the streets barking – during the night on my staying in Curtea de Arges.
So at the end I formed the same opinion like one Australian traveler, who I met on first night in Romania, that they are just poor hungry dogs. Of course, you never know what can happen if you meet a gang of angry them. So always let your common sense to lead you: keep a bit of distance, avoid the eye contact, but be calm and just enjoy your trip. ‘Cause in general – there is really nothing what to fear of.
Video, dedicated to stray dogs met in Bran:


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