Romania V: some cities can have very particular beauty…

A short morning walk in Bucharest and I am again on the road. This time bus was taking me back to the city where all this story began – Constanta. Before catching my flight I wanted to visit this city as well, for what I did not have time on my arrival day. I had such an idyllic dream of visiting city at the Black Sea, the sea with a strong personality for me.

The closer I was getting towards the centre, the more interesting everything looked like. I am not sure that beauty in this place exists. I am about outer one. The part at the sea was looking even worse. Abandoned, uninhabited or demolished buildings, stray dogs everywhere around and workers. So my imaginary balloon of idyllically admiring the Black Sea exploded. I just gave a quick look around and disappeared. I could not find the answer why previous part of the city was looking like that now, but I want to think that they are working on reconstructing and rebuilding the city and maybe after that everything will look like the new New York.
If the city centre for my eyes was looking like destroyed, shopping mall on the main central street was the opposite – modern and clean. It is totally not my type of spending time abroad, but it was exactly what I wanted to do with my last hours there – stay in this shopping mall.

I am not telling that Constanta is that bad. I am sure that there you can find amazing people and just great inner atmosphere. Just on my trip city centre was looking really not good. Let’s see how everything will change with time.
My Romanian trip was finished with some added value in the airport. Inside there was only one small shop, where you could buy some souvenirs and some local drinks. When I am saying some – it really means just a few. And the cherry on top of those few goods on sale – colourful hair rubber bands and fingernail clippers… So if you want to bring something nice from your trip – definitely take care about that before getting to the airport. And if you wanna have some snacks in the only one airport café don’t be surprised when the waitress in front of you will be making a sandwich in this way: a slice of cheese on your bread, another one to her mouth, and one more – again on your bread… And be relaxed when through fog of cigarette smoke there would not be able to see, so you will be kindly offered to sit with your food and beer in waiting area at the gates.
But don’t get me wrong. It’s nothing bad, it’s simply funny. I am just collecting all possible experiences and it was lovely to see such city like Constanta, so different with its face.


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