Romania IV: from Dracula castle in Bran to night walk in Bucharest

Waking up in Brasov, getting German breakfast – and I am ready for one more adventure. Brasov by itself is really very lovely city. And the main charm goes to the mountain, which is visible from everywhere. Like a beautiful protection of nature with the “Brasov” sign on top, resembling “Hollywood” letters.

Later from one of bus stations I took minibus to Bran, which is around 30 km away. But always be aware about Romanian bus stations. In every big city there are numbers of them with different companies and different directions. Have a good look before getting there.
When I reached Bran I could easily tell that yes, this is a very touristic place, nothing to compare with previously my visited Poenari castle. Masses of people, eating places on every corner, on the way to the castle – souvenir market with various things related with Dracula and Vlad the Impaler.

Bran castle by itself is not very big from outside but with a quite big exposition inside. But the only one well known connection between this fortress and Vlad Tepes is that his forces in mid XV century walked by Bran and attacked Brasov. Actually there is no proof that Bram Stoker, who got inspiration by historical figure of Vlad Tepes, wrote his legendary gothic novel “Dracula”, even knew something about this castle. Probably only due to commercial reasons Bran castles was so closely related with this story.
However, this is a very nice place to see. Inside exhibitions are mainly showing historical aspects of Romanian history but at the same time a few rooms are dedicated to the vampires, Dracula, and Bram Stoker. If once there – why not to check?

After long but very nice and mountainous bus ride I got back to Bucharest: with all the intangible luggage of Draculan experience and almost ready to fly home. Just needed to spend the night in the capital of Romania and next day – grab a bus back to Constanta, from where I will catch my plane.
It was already dark when I got out from the bus. Sleeping place was just 10 minutes by walking from Gara de Nord station where buses were not running and there was no point to grab taxi or something. So I started my beloved walk on foot.
The main street very quickly became a digged area – new pavement was being made. Dark, light’s very dim, strange figures appearing from different corners, stray dogs remembering about their existence and me going all alone with extremely noisy luggage case, which was probably awakening all the sleeping ones everywhere around. If you want, you could imagine very various scenarios of such walking… But at the end I reached my destination safely. The receptionist man was an American volunteer there. I asked him about gypsy women, who were all on my way there standing outside in the streets wearing just robes. Why is it so? He explained that it has nothing to do with the oldest profession in the world. To wear such cloth it is just being taken as normal outfit for them to go out.

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