Romania II: first Romanian impressions and day in Bucharest on foot

My Romanian trip started with being on the road and it continued like that: I always needed to take care about catching the right bus or train at the right hour. It wasn’t different with Bucharest as well. For the capital of Romania I had only half a day, so at 8 o’clock in the morning I was already fresh, beautiful and ready to experience the capital of Romania. First expression – wide streets, huge buildings. Seems that I saw something like that before. Something like Minsk, something like Saint’s Petersburg, but at the end – definitely unique Romania. Ok, probably the main colour of surroundings there was grey, but anyway you could feel colourful sparkles everywhere around.

I didn’t prepare must see spots there. Actually I just took the map, listened some advices and started following my eyes without deep checking, if I am on the right direction to one spot or another. When you know that anyway there is no time to visit everything, so why not sometimes just relax and let your intuition become a guide?
Despite on my casual hanging around, I headed one of the must see places – The Parliament building. It is really huge, white, with trees planted everywhere around. But at the end I think that the view is much more fascinating at night with all the lights. Though very often you can get this feeling while travelling: seems that nights are opening different kind of doors.

Then I was just going everywhere around, walking step by step in the main streets as well as in tiny ones. Wherever you were, the same feeling of the space and size was following. You could never mix it with a tiny town. Even in the Old city this feeling didn’t disappear.
When in the morning I hit a cafe in previously mentioned part of the city, I was reminded about the law still letting to smoke inside. I even forgot what does that mean to enjoy morning coffee, when at the same inside place ten teenagers, instead of going to school, are smoking one cigarette after another. No, I am not about missing classes or about oversmoking. I am only about the concentration of smoke inside. So I am sure that I prefer the law, which is not letting you smoke inside, like in the biggest majority of European countries. I heard that Romania is about to change this smoking policy.
After – I continued making my hang-everywhere-around-on-foot plan. And always I was excited again and again if I could find any messages related with Dracula, what was my core reason of coming to this land.

Later I hit the Cismigiu public garden – which is the main park in central Bucharest. Really big, really beautiful. I was there in relatively cold April when just a minority of trees were green. But I bet that in summertime this park is just an Eden. And this is one of the reasons why I would love to come back there once again.

Taking my things from the sleeping place, seeing naked ass of a totally asleep hostel guest, who was absolutely drunk and in late for his flight, some hope-to-see-ya-next-time words with other people there, making a few kilometres on foot, lunching with my old friend, who I did not see exactly five years, and I was ready to get in the bus to Transylvania.

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