Romania I: from inspirational gothic books to sweet dreams in Bucharest

First time when I felt an unbearable desire to visit the Land of Dracula was around four years ago, when during my studies I was having a subject named Horror literature and art. Before in my life somehow I missed to read such horror classics as Frankenstein by Marry Shelley and Dracula by Bram Stoker. But due to those amazing classes in university, it was a must. And it just made shivers going down my spine. I just fell in love in all those stories. It was something so new in my life. So amazing, so breathtaking. As well we’ve got a good dose of vampire cinema during our lessons. Before I was never interested in this gender, but the teacher was so able to open new fields in the horizon what really involved me.
So Romania, the Land of Dracula, appeared as a new must visit spot for me. And it happened that finally I did that – in late spring of this year I put a step on this bloody horror land.

The happy day has dawned and my first solo trip started. Plane from Pisa gently landed in the Mihail Kogalniceanu airport, located around 25 km far from city Constanta at the Black Sea.

Everyone, who’s travelling there, must know, that any shuttle buses, trains or other transportations are not existing there. Only one way to reach Constanta, which is the nearest big city, is by taxi. If you are travelling in very small group or even alone don’t just wait – try to find other people and share a taxi. The airport is very small and operating really very low number of flights, so if you miss all the people – you’ll pay taxi on your own.
I was lucky to reach Constanta with three more persons. All the trip cost around 80 leis (1 lei = 0,23 eur), what was shared in four. We’ve arrived to the main station from where are operating trains and buses to other Romanian destinations. My main plan was to reach Dracula’s places so as soon as possible I wanted to move to Transylvania’s direction. After having some cups of coffee, nice time with a book and a few hours of waiting in the fast-food restaurant at the station, which appeared as the best place from around, I got into my bus for Bucharest. The ticket I booked online from They are providing really very comfortable online options, what you cannot tell about the train ones. I always prefer trains than buses, but this time it seemed more comfortable to plan the Romanian bus trip instead of train.
There’s a quick video of my first steps, or better – first views, in Romania:

30 leis, 3 hours and a half and I am in Bucharest. It was already after midnight, when I reached Romania’s capital. In the night lights the city was looking just amazing. Minibus, which by the way was almost empty, all the way bringing only 6 persons, left me very near my hostel street.
It was dark, I was going with my map to the hostel direction, all alone, and only one thing I was thinking were stray dogs, about which I read so much on the Internet. Will I meet them?
After few minutes of walking my sleeping place was reached. Funny that they could not find my reservation, because the grand worldwide booking systems as well are making mistakes… But at the end everything went fine, they gave me a place, and after small chatting with my Australian roommate I was ready to have some rest before tomorrow’s explorations.
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