Italian town Prato: game of vintage pastries and textile

Actually it is so incredible that Italians can connect food so strongly with all possible events. If there’s the main menswear tradeshow “Pitti Uomo” in Florence, they will definitely make super stylish evenings with special aperitivos. If there is qualified exhibition of furniture and furnishings “Salone di Firenze”, they will definitely organize cooking workshops. So it is absolutely not surprising that exhibition “Vintage. The irresistible charm of experience” in textile museum “Museo del Tessuto” in Prato was crowned with a great “Let’s Vintage evening”, dedicated to vintage confectionery.
Two bakeries from Prato region represented themselves, revealed some general secrets of a few pastry recipes, showed how to make them and finally – gave for all guests the possibility to enjoy a sweet degustation. I am always for tasting. Trying new sensations for your palate is always such a refined game. So, what about butter cookies made from chestnuts flour? Pastries hugged by sugared anise cover? Or small bites of fluffy biscuits with pine nuts? Vintage charm in those cases appeared in special recipes, which are counting decades or even more.

After pastry workshop all the guests were invited to aperitivo with deeper representations of “Vintage. The irresistible charm of experience” exhibition and really cool 80’s and 90’s music.
And you know what I loved most of all? The possibility afterwards to check museum’s both the new and the permanent expositions in quite late evening, after regular opening hours. It makes more intimacy. For you not? I just crave such occasions.
So in general I recommend to visit “Museo del Tessuto” while visiting Prato. I will remember all my life those touched raw materials for making fabrics: starting with synthetic fibers, continuing with cotton or linen, and finishing with various types of wool. What you can touch, feel with your own fingers, leaves really deep impression. And imagination, how those materials are becoming fragile transparent blouses, warm coats, or cashmere knitwear…

A few words about Prato itself. This town is just 20 minutes by train away from Florence. It has a lot of relations with textile and the “Slow Food” movement. As well, there is a second largest Chinese population in whole Italy. So, if you are in Prato – definitely go to check Chinese quarter: have lunch in one of Chinese restaurants and go to make some shopping. I have never seen before in whole Italy such a complete Chinese food supermarkets. You can find there whatever you want. A few moments I caught myself feeling like in a real China guessing what kind of product am I keeping in my hands. As well it is so nice to see, how immigrants from this far country made their life there: hairdresser’s, beauty salons, tourism information centers, footwear and clothing stores, supermarkets, restaurants, gelaterias and everything else. From Chinese to Chinese. Even in Catholic church information was written in Chinese. Simply exotic!


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