Portugal V: my first surfing experience

Ok. The big day is dawn. We packed our stuff from Coimbra towards the Atlantic ocean shore for a first surfing experience in our life. And where to do that if not in Portugal, which is considered as one of the best surf places in the whole world?
The easiest place for us to reach was a city Figueira da Foz, 1 hour by train from Coimbra. There we found Escola de Surf da Figueira surfing school. It was the cheapest option which I could find online. So great, that they came to pick us up from Figueira da Foz train station. Otherwise due to the distance it would be kind of complicated to reach their spot being without a car.
We booked group surfing lesson, but that morning our group was only we two. What a luck! Like an individual lesson.
We got our surfing costumes. It was so strange to put them on. That second skin feeling.. Before starting to move with our instructor to the ocean, I gave my camera to the front desk man, who kindly agreed to make some pictures of our adventure.

Some movements, some essential tips and I was on my way to meet the waves. By the way, as later our teacher told, they were too high for the beginners. Maybe one day somebody will invent a package which includes not only surfing lesson but proper waves as well?
The beginning was just great. Later – ocean started dictating rules… So in the end I could not say, that I caught a wave. Probably the wave caught me… But it was really amazing experience. Though this is not my favourite activity, which I could continue constantly, but at the same time I am thinking about giving a second chance for it.
Later we asked our instructor to bring us to the centre of Figueira da Foz. But, actually, there was nothing to do, so we decided just to move to the beach. After crossing not that short distance of the sand, finally we approached ocean. Again waves, huge waves. But why not to check out the water on such a hot day once again?
At the end day was superb. What’s next? Tomorrow’s wine trip to Porto.

What can I point out?
• Ok, I do not have with what to compare, but this surfing school I really liked. First of all – pick-up service. Secondly, the teacher was paying a lot of attention to us, all the time watching our steps. In total everything lasted around 1,5 hour, but for the beginning it was really enough. In the end I must say, that it was really very good value for money. And as well – it is so great to have pictures of such your experience!
• The easiest way to reach Figueira da Foz is from Coimbra-B train station. There you can find timetables. But have in mind that it is really good to get pick up service from the station in Figueira da Foz, because usually surfing spots are enough far to simply reach by walking. If not, you can always grab a taxi from Coimbra to Figueira da Foz or back again, what one way approximately costs around 60 eur.

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