Portugal III: Lisbon and “Pastéis de Nata”

In the morning – a small trip around the town. Sines is an industrial city, famous for its oil, so usually appears as a far point on the touristic “must visit” list. However, to walk around is really nice, beautiful marine with yachts and 15th century castle creates charm. Every year in summer this town becomes a music capital: there is being held a big music festival, which attracts a lot of musicians and visitors from all around the world. You can read there, why Sines was chosen to be visited.
After some walking around we started moving towards Lisbon. When we finally approached the capital of Portugal it was nearly lunch time. I needed to hurry up with this beautiful city, because around midnight I already had to take a bus to my next destination.
Everything was so quick, that I could not tell anything exactly. We were running around the city, visiting must-see places, panoramas, just everything – from the secret corners, known mainly by locals, where you do not need to open your wallet and the view is the same good or even the better, to squares and main streets, known by all.

Lisbon for me was super fast, not more than 12 hours in total, but really great.
Some notions:

  • Quarter of Bairro Alto. It is a pain in my soul. All the people, with whom I was speaking after this trip, told me that if you did not touch this part of the city at night, you did not see Lisbon at all. Yes, I did not. I simply did not have time for that. But from the other hand, if something big is still in lack, so it just simply means that definitely I must come back there again.
  • The best food is in very traditional simple places. In Lisbon we were having lunch in the old part of the city, in totally local restaurant, whose main waitress or even owner was the toothless woman, but really very warm person. Path outside, where tables were put, was going downhill. We chosen them but finally it appeared very funny when plates, glasses could not stay sticky on the table and was sliding down. There should be mentioned that sitting as well was not the most comfortable thing in the world, because one person was falling down in front, another one – backwards… I mentioned it as an example, that it’s so cute, when actually theres is no normal possibility to do something, but people anyway are doing that and another people – are using it despite of its discomfort.
  • Iconic portuguese egg tart pastry Pastéis de Nata – something must taste in life. Again, if I am not mixing anything, I’ve tried it, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon, in historical “Café Pastéis de Belém” in Lisbon. These sweets were created in 19th century by monks, trying to solve financial difficulties and selling them to the public. Pastéis de Nata is like a Portuguese symbol, which nowadays can be found all around the world.

In the evening there was an occasion to visit Caiscais – cosmopolitan suburb around 30 km outside Lisbon. Kind of small place, but cozy, with nice ocean views and a lot of places where to get great dinner. As I heard, during the daytime it is nearly essential to hang around the area on bicycle or scooter. Are you interested in watersports? So this place offers you very good waves and can promise just a great surfing, wind surfing or body-boarding. Want something else? What about trying moto-racing? Or maybe taking golf classes? So, quite many attractions.
After the midnight I said goodbye to beautiful Lisbon and grabbed a bus to Coimbra.

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