Portugal II: on the coastal road

On “Portugal I: reaching the Southwesternmost poinf of Europe” I wrote about my first Portuguese impressions and first things done. What’s further?
Next day we started moving to the Lisbon side. Lunch – in the resort called Albufeira, very popular touristic destination in Algarve and just 20 something kilometres from Quarteira, my first staying place. I am vegetarian and I am always carrying curiosity to try this type of food during my travels. Exactly Albufeira has one vegetarian restaurant. So actually it was the main reason, why I decided to hit really touristic heaven, what usually I am trying to avoid. Probably the food in this place was not the most perfect ever, but anyway I’d come back there again and really recommend it for others. To take mango mousse at the end – is a must!
Of course we decided instead of faster highway to choose less comfortable coastal way. But who cares about perfect but grey road, when you have possibility to travel with beautiful to tears landscape? Till now I remember very good that moment, when our car was scooting with a speed of more than 200 kilometres per hour, Big Mountain from the radio was screaming “Baby I love your way”, I was wearing little blue dress and trying to paint my nails. I would recommend for everybody to take this coastal road: the views of endless Atlantic ocean, crossed by small local villages… charming.

On our way we took two german hitchhikers, travelling around Portugal. As a sleepover place we’ve chose the port town Sines, which lies almost of the halfway from Quarteira to Lisbon. As we had time, we decided to hit one more town before reaching our final destination of the day and definitely meet sunset at the ocean. Vila Nova de Milfontes was a point where daylight met dark. I will repeat again, that everything around was so beautiful. Atmosphere was even more strengthened by one of german hitchhikers, who was playing guitar and singing. After sun disappeared in the ocean, weather appeared colder and we started moving. When we finally reached Sines, german guys went their own ways with searching a place where to put a tent for the night, and we – searching for a dinner place. It was quite late, so it was not easy to find a place in such a small town. But we were lucky. Not only, because we foud a place, but as well that this family run restaurant was already totally empty, so all the attention from the owners was payed only for us. At that time I tried salty potato cake with salted cod bacalhau – a dish which portuguese name I really cannot remember. But it really reminded me our traditional Lithuanian dish – salty potato cake named kugelis, just accompanied with fish instead of meat.
It was already around midnight, when we started searching for a place where to sleep. After visiting some hotels and strange guesthouses we’ve chose one pensione with amazing ocean view from the room.

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