Portugal I: reaching the Southwesternmost point of Europe

Quite many celebrations of my life I spent on travel and if I am not miscounting, three of them were my own birthdays. But now I would like to underline one, exactly from previous category. Once I’ve decided to raise my glass of happiness in Portugal. Ok, it happened, actually, that my trip there was exactly on my birthday day, so all the glasses of happiness which I rose were exactly in airports and airplanes. It was already after midnight, so technically next day after my birthday, when I finally put my feet on the portuguese land.
Theoretically I started my trip in Faro, but practically I just landed there and after reviewing my priorities decided not to visit this Southern Portugal city. So the real point where my afterbirthday trip began was a small town named Quarteira – 25 min by car from Faro airport to the Western direction.
Morning. I just put on my favourite dress and got out to have a look around. What can be better than Atlantic coast and the heat? It was already the end of September and the place was not crowded anymore, so all the day spent there dissappeared just with stepping around, roaming in the small streets, admiring the views and enjoying the first day of my practically older life. What to point out? What an amazing subtile game of traditional portuguese glazed tiles, called azulejo, with their countless colours and patterns everywhere around! Just love it! During my visit there it was the International Tourism day, so when I came to ask about the city to the Tourism information center in Quarteira, they were celebrating it with amazing marzipan sweets. And of course – one of them warmed my heart too.

In the evening we moved with a car and reached the Southwesternmost poinf of Europe – Cape Saint Vincent. Sangria, sunset and small walks in the fenced forbidden places around the lighthouse at the corner of scarp. There were just breathtaking views of nature, which can not be described with any words or expressesed with any photos. It should be definitely seen only with own eyes…
After sun went down, we decided to start moving back to Quarteira, but on our way – necessarily stop somewhere for a dinner. The choice was a town named Lagos, which appeared very cozy and nice place. And for the dinner, of course – fish. At that time we took the amazing stew with different types of fish. It is not surprising, that fishy food in a country with such geographic position is really more than absolutely good.

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