Exercising on travels II: Yoga classes from Europe to India

On “Exercising on travels I: marathon in Iceland, open-air gym in France and surfing in Portugal” I was speaking about some types of exercising, which I remember most from my travels. Usually while travelling I am walking on foot so much, that really there are no more thoughts about extra sports. But sometimes there appear situations, when trying something more becomes even as a Must. Like yoga in India. I just cannot forget some private lessons, taken in Rishikesh. This city is called world capital of yoga and lies down in the very beautiful part of North India – in the foothills of Himalayas. Somewhere I heard that this is called The Gateway to Himalayas as well. So we decided definitely to take a few yoga classes there. I do not remember how exactly we’ve chosen the place, because there is a countless number of various studios in Rishikesh, but probably we’ve just saw an advertisement and felt that this is It. Firstly we participated in one lesson just for checking our level and then later made an appointment for the morning class next day. And guess what – on agreed date we totally overslept. I remember ourselves waking up and feeling that something is wrong there. Just what? Oh no!!! We are in late! But at the end we were super quick and everything finally went great: very small room, whitely dressed teacher, we, India, yoga and early morning in the foothills of Himalayas. Just wonderful!

As well in Rishikesh we tried Laughter yoga. It is absolutely ok to love this kind of yoga, but for me it was something so NOT. During the lesson I was feeling like a stupid when imitating the laugh and all the time wanted it to finish as soon as possible. But I remember very good that moment, when the bomb exploded… In the end of the class all people were lying on the floor for the relaxation. And firstly the teacher told us to laugh everything out if we feel like doing this. Step by step all people around started laughing. Even if laughter is so contagious, it didn’t affect me. I was still feeling kind of stupid and really did not have a need for laugh. Then I looked on the right to my travel mate, who was not laughing as well. When everybody finished this concert, teacher told us to relax and stay in silence, to calm minds down. And then appeared our time – my and my travel companion’s! We started laughing, but not just laughing, more like going crazy from that loud laugh. It was not a proper moment for doing that, but our reaction for everything was delayed. It was so difficult to stop, that even after we went out from the lesson, we still continued laughing. Yes, in the end was funny, but I am not so sure if I would love to try this kind of yoga once again.
If speaking about regular yoga, I tried it in Portugal and Italy as well. Portuguese experience was in Coimbra. That yoga center appeared for me as really very beautiful, nicely decorated from inside and very bright. All yoga centers could look like that one. Instructor there was Brazilian so it was even more interesting. Only one thing I realized, that making yoga when outside is nearly +40 C degrees is a big challenge.
In Florence I am practicing yoga constantly. It was not that easy to find really comfortable center for me, but in the end I did. And in a perfect location – just a few steps from beautiful Ponte Vecchio. As well there in Florence (I don’t know how widely spread this tradition is in other Italian cities) they are having free trial lessons lezione di prova. With yoga centers this is organized less often, so usually you need to ask for exact days, but the gyms are doing that always. And it is really good to try the place before paying money for something what you are not sure about.


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