Exercising on travels I: marathon in Iceland, open-air gym in France and surfing in Portugal

When you are travelling probably the last thing what you are thinking about is exercising. Of course, I am speaking about regular person, not a sports’ professional or somebody who has this passion for exercising. Let’s say, like me. Everywhere I am walking mainly on foot and with that I am having enough of moving, so usually – no thoughts about something extra. But despite this fact, it happened that accidentally not once and not even twice I’ve tried some different sports in different countries.
Probably the biggest thing for me was participation in Marathon in Reykjavik. I have never done this before and it was so great. Ok, we are not speaking about full Marathon with 42 kilometres length, we’ve chosen distance for beginners. But it doesn’t make all this experience less precious!

I remember very well how we five packed out to Reykjavik in the very early morning of August. When we’ve arrived – took special T-shirts and our numbers. I was so excited. First of all, our friend, professional runner from Latvia, was running 10 kilometres and she arrived third from all the women. After this great achievement appeared our turn. We were running in the centre of Reykjavik with all the mass of people. There were a lot of different persons, starting with little children, even babies in their parents hands, and finishing with really old ones, who were more like walking, but definitely with huge smiles in their faces. And let’s not forget those, dressed like for a mascaraed!
Ok, making Marathon distance for beginners was not for a time, so I was running such fast, that I could have energy for chatting with my neighbour-runner. So, after fast sightseeing in Reykjavik centre, I saw it, the ending point of the distance. Finish line and golden medal given after crossing it made my heart beating from all the excitement even stronger. It was an amazing experience, which I promised myself to repeat again somewhere else in the world.
Another thing, which I remember very good, is my morning exercising in Lyon. I was terribly lazy for doing that, but my friend, who I was visiting that time, insisted. I really could not imagine before, what kind of thing is waiting for me. Finally my eyes saw a park and colourful open air gym in it. I remember myself totally not in the mood for exercising, so that idea didn’t seem so brilliant at that moment. But now it seems for me just an amazing adventure, after which we were sitting on the beach with a nice view in front and I was drinking French lemonade from a very beautiful glass bottle…
Ok, and my surfing experience. Does it count as exercising? Depends how you are looking at this: as a pastime or sports. Anyway, it is sports activity so let’s put it in my list even if I remember everything more like taking a personal challenge than having hurt muscles afterwards.

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