A pleasant surprise on first trip to Germany or A story about trust

When cheap flights airlines are offering you tickets almost for free – you simply cannot not buy them. Your hand unconsciously is slipping towards your wallet, taking credit card and you are back again in reality when CVV code is already written down and “Purchase” button pressed. Oh, I just love when it happens this way. But no, probably “happened” this way, because nowadays it is kind of complicated to find really very cheap flights for 0.00 Eur or so. But this story is not about that. It is a story, how first time I went to Germany. Tickets were bought in my previously mentioned way and here we are – drinking morning coffee in Frankfurt.
This time I want to speak not about how this business city with rabbits, freely living in squares, and guys, who before getting to prostitutes’ places in the Red Light District are having a careful look around if nobody is watching them, looked like for me. I want to speak about one of our Couchsurfing experiences, and this time in Frankfurt, which again showed the beauty of trusting in people. And what we all need to do more. Story, which I will tell, is not about us, for who this favor was made, but about the kindness of those people, who are doing such things with absolute trust in others. (As a cover photo I put one from the evening in Red Light District though, ‘cause I could not find any other from this trip to illustrate this topic…)

That person, with who we agreed about our staying in Frankfurt, together with his friend came to pick us up at the station by car. Then we came back to his home, had some wine and went to sleep as it was already late. Of course we were given a double bed with ironed sheets. In the morning our host even made for us breakfast almost to bed. Later he with the same previously mentioned friend took us in a tour by car around Frankfurt surroundings. I remember so well, how we were sitting in traditional German food restaurant named something like Mutters Küche, eating local dishes and even trying them together from each other’s plates. And it passed less than 24 hours after our meeting. At this point is absolutely essential to mention, that there was absolutely nothing intimate in this story. Sometimes you just can feel special connection with newly met people. So this was the situation. What followed later, that next day our host went for his business trip to another part of Germany and we never met again. He left for us all the apartment in a lovely part of the city as well as keys. On our leaving day we just needed to leave them in the postbox…
What a beauty of a trust fact itself and at the same time – to be trusted so much. This is just an example. Not all the people have wrong intentions and we are too much focused on that minority, who has them. Why not to quit being afraid, relax and give a sincere chance of trust for each other?


2 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise on first trip to Germany or A story about trust

  1. Good story, and I couldn’t agree more about the beauty of couchsurfing. This example of trust and connection isn’t a strange one, almost every couchsurfing experience I’ve had has been like this. It’s always nice to read someone else’s positive experience. Thanks for sharing…



  2. It’s all about gut feeling whom you trust, and I also believe you can trust the majority of mankind. Especially couchsurfers. 🙂 We spend our holidays couchsurfing as a family with small kids. I think we surfed and hosted more than 40 times in the past few years and were never disappointed about whom we trusted.
    Happy surfing! 🙂

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