Rovaniemi V: a bit of “do, see, buy”

On the travel always appears a moment, when you want to strengthen your baggage of memories from the trip. It is not enough just to arrive in a place and to leave it at the end. You are visiting exact sites, going to museums, buying stuff…
Photo. Speaking on a phone with somebody while you are walking around Lordi’s Square? Ask him or her to go to the city’s webpage, find webcam and save some pictures of you in this square. There are as well more cams hidden in various places of the city.

Souvenirs. Every year on December in the main street Christmas Bazaar is being held. There you can buy Northern souvenirs, warm clothing or try hot traditional food. But if you want to buy something local – you do not need to wait particularly for this market. There are enough of shops with similar goods in Rovaniemi center as well as in the Santa Claus Village.
Museums. The most expressive one probably is Provincial Museum of Lapland in Arktikum House, but don’t forget Rovaniemi Art museum, the Forestry Museum of Lapland and Rovaniemi Local history museum as well.
Bridges. Get on the bridge over Kemijoki river with a railway to admire the next one – Jätkänkynttilä bridge – with its eternal flame. As my experience shows, red evening skies or the Northern Lights just strengthens the impression.

Second-hand shop. In Rovaniemi there was and probably still is one huge crazy second-hand shop where all the people from the city can bring various used things for selling, which they do not need anymore. And you can find there everything: starting from regular clothes and accessories and finishing with pots, pans, glasses, cutlery and even microwaves. Just think about anything impossible and in this shop you will understand that everything in life is possible.
What to do outside Rovaniemi?


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