Rovaniemi IV: something about Lordi and Mr. Santa’s name usage

I am really not into such events like “Eurovision”. But when the speech comes to Rovaniemi, it would be a big mistake not to mention some very interesting connections. As well – together there I am putting some info about various Santa Claus faces in various spheres of business.
Lordi. Do you remember “Eurovision” song contest of 2006 which was won by Finnish rock band, being known for wearing monster masks during their concerts, and whose main singer spend his childhood in Rovaniemi area. You can tell that this winning was very important, because the main square in the city is called exactly Lordin aukio, what means Lordi’s square. And there’s more. With taking a few hundred meters farther from it – you could find Lordi’s restaurant. However I didn’t find any information about its existence nowadays. I wouldn’t be surprised that today it’s closed because I do not remember it as a very popular place.

Name of Santa Claus. I already mentioned Santa Claus village, Santa Claus office and Santa Claus Post Office. But this name is being used not only for the “official” Santa’s institutions. In Rovaniemi Santa hair center or Santa Claus sports’ institute as well exist. Do you remember more? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Rovaniemi IV: something about Lordi and Mr. Santa’s name usage

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