Rovaniemi II: nature and its magic

In “Rovaniemi I: capital of Lapland where Mr. Santa Claus is living” I introduced very quickly some main facts about this pearl of Lapland. There you can find so many beautiful things but nature is definitely cherry on top of this Northern cake.
Miracles of nature. Nature is really great there. I love Northern flora with conifer trees as well as soft lichens and moss. Definitely colors are forcing you to stop and to admire for a while: how green everything is on summer, how all the nature becomes red and yellow on fall and how white everything is on winter. And I’ve never seen anywhere else such a beautiful sky and all the clouds which usually were looking like they are much closer the Earth than usually it should be. As well, Rovaniemi and other Northern places always are about the snow. When I was living there, it started snowing in the end of October and all the whiteness stayed till May. How spectacular it looks like, when in winter Kemijoki river freezes and layer of snow covers the ice. If it is thick enough – why not to have a ride with a snowmobile on there? Another must feel phenomenon of nature – polar night and midnight sun. I said to feel in reality because it is nothing similar with that what you can read about. When nearly 24 hours per day is nigh and some kind of daylight, which in summer could remind more of the afternoon light, you are able to see for a while in the midday. Not less surprising is to be in absolute daylight on summertime, which lasts the same 24 hours. And the pearl for the end – their Majesties Northern Lights also called Aurora Borealis. During all time I saw them thrice. There are no words to express that great magic, which is happening in the sky. I saw, that even Northern Lights safaris are being organized, during which you are be taken to places, farther from city lights, where this miracle can be seen more frequent.

Fauna. Squirrels are so common everywhere there. And it is so interesting to watch how their fur is changing from thin and brown in summer to thick and grey in winter. To see rabbit as well is not that complicated. If you want to have a look at the real Santa’s reindeers – go to Santa Claus Village. Interested in bigger attraction? Don’t miss reindeer or sled dog races or horse jumping competition.
Before going to Rovaniemi – definitely check the events calendar, because quite many things are happening there.

Temperature. I remember the story told by one guy how in Rovaniemi 10 years ago in winter temperature was -47°C and he went outside just to feel how such freeze looks like. Today is not that cold anymore. Typically during the year temperature varies from -16°C to +20°C and very rarely gets below -25°C or above +25°C. By the way, feeling of cold is different there as it looks warmer than really is.
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