Outside Rovaniemi: Zoo in Ranua and Snow Castle in Kemi

Are you in Rovaniemi, but would like to put a step somewhere outside it, or just hanging somewhere in the Finnish North and want some suggestions? Then go to Ranua for its Wildlife Park or visit Kemi in wintertime for its Snow Castle.
The zoo in Ranua is really big and provides the most natural living environment for animals, what I’ve ever seen in my life. If you are nature lover – don’t miss it. All animals there are Northern ones. Fun fact: you can admire numerous of reindeer species there and the go to the Zoo restaurant to try reindeer steak. This Wildlife Park can be visited at any season of the year.
Is it possible to hitchhike in Finland? Definitely yes. I remember ourselves very lucky, when after a short waiting car outside the Zoo stopped and took us, four persons, straight to Rovaniemi.
Kemi is located on the northernmost coastal region of the Baltic Sea. Exactly on the shore every winter the Snow Castle opens the door for visitors. In 2014 this castle will be ready to visit for the 19th time in a row. Everything there is made with a synthesis of snow, ice and light-effects. Want to get some drinks or snacks? Go straight to The Snow Restaurant. Interested in different kind of weddings? Make a reservation for you celebration in the Snow Chapel. Want to spend you night like a real Northerner? Book a room in the Show Hotel with a temperature of -5°C inside. As you can see, there’s quite cold. But at least once in a lifetime – definitely worth to visit.
And if you are there – step on the frozen Baltic sea. Strong feeling comes when you realize the salty water can become to such a thick ice.


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