First touch of France: enjoying doing nothing in Lyon

There can be so many different types of travelling. Sometimes people can be buying already prepared vacation packages, sometimes – travelling on their own and trying to see, to experience as much as it possible. But as well there is a type of travelling, when you are just doing mainly nothing. Ok, I mean “nothing” not when you are not going out from home at all, but when you are not that interested in having a map and step by step visiting the main spots. When you are just following your eyes without any previous thoughts where to go and what to see. Have you ever had this kind of trip? I had. A few times, actually. But most of all I remember my trip to Lyon, second biggest city in France. Ok, almost five years passed from this travel, so probably it is normal that I cannot remember details, where exactly I was going, which streets I passed and which objects I noticed on my way. But in my mind I am keeping very bright memories about things, what we’ve done. And it was not only Lyon experience, but first meeting with France as well.
Let’s say morning open-air gym, perfect French Lemonade from perfect glass bottle and coconut yogurt.
Let’s say lunch. Not a regular one with trying to find out specificities of French cuisine in Lyon while eating in restaurant. But a different one, with fresh cheeses bought from farmers (and rolled in squared papers from school exercise books) in small market placed by the river, huge red strawberries and a few bottles of wine. Ant it would be a shame to forget freshly baked baguette taken from Boulangerie. And why not to sit down for this mid-spring lunch on the firstly found stairs in the Old Town?
Let’s say daily activities. What can be stranger to spend time visiting countless number of second hand shops, instead of trying to get know more about the city itself? Probably those wine bottles were sharing such unique ideas…
Let’s say evening. Sometimes it is better just to comfortably sit in the balcony, which opens the breathtaking panoramic view of all Lyon, drink French Rose wine and chat chat chat till eyes start closing by themselves, instead of going to the party.
So all the time in Lyon passed in such way. But I would be the biggest liar, if I would not mention a few grand places which however I visited. But comparing with the time spent doing absolutely nothing, those hours spent on real sightseeing seems like a drop in the ocean…
So we ran uphill to Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, somehow I decided to check Museum of miniatures and… The biggest thing – was the exhibition by Keith Haring in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon. I remember myself fainting from fascination. There were exhibited so many good artworks, that I was going from one hall to another, from one floor to another, but this charm of Keith Haring was continuing and continuing… I could tell that this exhibition till now is one of the best what I’ve ever seen in my life.

So, this is it. And at the end I can tell, that I remember Lyon as really very beautiful city. I met it in different kind of way. But that was ok. It was just my personal lazy Lyon.


One thought on “First touch of France: enjoying doing nothing in Lyon

  1. It sounds like a lovely way to enjoy Lyon. We did the same when we went to Lyon. We took our time wandering around and enjoying the sites. I didn’t run up hill though, but would have loved to if we had weather like you did!

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